Try Googling This…

Hi Edwin – Thanks for your quick response. I am away for the next two days at a conference. Can we talk on Monday?  I am in need of some technical guidance and thought you could steer me in the right direction. Do you work with schools in NY or have someone who works in this area?  We can talk more on Monday. I can call you in the afternoon. What number should I call you at?

Great to reconnect with you again.

Take care,

Dr. Superintendent

It’s not uncommon for me to receive these kinds of emails.  Or take the phone call I received from another superintendent this past Saturday. He called about finding a provider to install cables for 8 mounted LCD projectors in his classrooms.  He had no luck, so he was calling me.

In our hyper-connected world, it’s seems unfathomable that two superintendents with doctorate degrees would have such a tough time finding the resources they need for their schools in a $7.97B Edtech market both working in and near large metropolitan areas. But it happens.

Put yourself in their shoes. Try for yourself. Google “technical guidance” or “professional development NY schools”. Try googling “LCD projectors NJ schools” or “audio visual new jersey schools”.  If you have other words/ideas, try them too.

The problem is not because of a lack of providers to install the LCD projectors or to provide professional development. It’s finding them. It’s evaluating them. It’s seeing if they really can live up to their promise. It’s about getting pricing quickly and efficiently.

These stories aren’t ones that you will see making headlines. They aren’t about cool gadgets, local school board politics, test scores, or innovative teaching techniques.  They are about the seemingly mundane. These are the “quit-your-complaining-and-just-get-it-done” stories. These daily stories fly under the radar. But they do impact lives, including students, just the same.

It’s these kinds of real Edtech purchasing events that drive us at 3rd Quote to innovate and empower.  We take these stories to heart.  And they keep us grounded.

So what results did you get from Google?

Have a great day!


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