3rd Quote Releases Two Firsts: Budget Planner & Report Card

We are pleased to announce two major 3rd Quote features designed to empower schools and Edtech providers: Report Card and Budget Planner.  Both tools are production-ready for school and providers. And both have planned feature enhancements over the next three weeks.

Report Card
The Report Card is the first collaborative evaluation tool available to K-12 schools in the US. It gives all school stakeholders a voice in the decision-making process of Edtech providers or solutions empowering them.  Key features include:

  • Adding Team Members (any/all stakeholders)
  • Review and Monitoring of Key Milestones
  • 8 Review Rating Categories (Sliding Scale)
  • Include Provider & 3rd Party Research
  • Commenting System (to allow private discussions)
  • Easy to Create

3rd Quote providers are able to see school created Report Cards’ summative evaluations without identifying the school or team members.

Budget Tool
The Budget Tool is another industry first for K-12 US schools. It is designed with the Director of Technology, Technology Coordinator, and/or Network Manager in mind who has to build, research, and create technology budgets many times under tight deadlines with learning at stake.  The Budget Tool can be used in varying degrees from a simple budget spreadsheet to a powerful budget planner which provides industry cost averages. Key features include:

  • Easy Access & Creation
  • Category Selection
  • Funding Source
  • Provider Identification
  • Cost

In the next 3 weeks, the Budget Tool will allow:

  • Linking to Existing Proposals & New Proposals
  • Linking to Existing Report Cards & New Proposals
  • Download Data as a CSV File & Google Drive Integration

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on these two revolutionary tools.



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